“Music is a part of your life…Now make it a part of your business”


Throughout history, Music has played a vital role in the development of man. Touching and effecting us emotionally, physically, and spiritually, it has the power to trigger emotions and influence our views and beliefs. With the most cost-effective In Store and online solutions anywhere, Media Venom’s Custom In Store Radio can be tailored to your exact needs!

Custom ads, professional voice-overs, independent and mainstream artists, revenue generation and the availability to turn your in store station into a full blown radio station with pro. D.J’s, are just some of the reasons why Media Venom’s Custom In Store Radio is a perfect fit for both the hobbyist and business professional!

Why settle for buying complicated systems and Station programs you can not Customize.

Media Venom In Store Radio Guarantee

With An Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, Media Venom’s goal to provide you a truly custom radio station can be Your Reality! No matter what sound system you use, our system can be integrated quickly and easily.


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